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Vintage in the Village (formerly Antiques in the Alley)

Date: 07-Aug-2021



Do you love Antiques, recycled items, up-cycled items or unique metal lawn art? Vintage in the Village encompasses the entire town of Millersburg including the Courthouse Lawn, alleys and parking lots! For the 15th year in a row, in May and August, The Burg opens it's doors and let's everyone take the entire day to find the perfect item to take home with you! Lot's of food can be found at our many pubs or even from our numerous food trucks located throughout town.  For an added bonus-this year we will feature artisans showcasing their crafts-wood carving, looming, basket weaving and even a yarn spinning wheel.  Gives us all a chance to take that step back and see the craftsmanship that is still being taught as a trade.